suffer but NEVER surrender

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Team Bear Tri


Team Bear Ethos

Here at Team Bear we have one motto: “Suffer But NEVER Surrender”. It’s about pushing your limits, getting past your self-imposed boundaries and giving your absolute best.


And cake. Cake is important too.


We’re a collection of likeminded athletes who train hard and race harder. Coming first in your race ... or last, is less important to us than looking yourself in the mirror and being able to say “I gave it everything I had.” We train hard, but we play hard too. 


We push ourselves to find our limits, but we enjoy our training. Enjoy life. Have fun along the way. While we may be dedicated to our training, having fun and making likeminded friends is important to us. As is ice cream. 


Could you be a Team Bear athlete? You need these important attributes: 

  • Dedication to training for your goal.
  • Bloodymindedness in getting there.
  • Likes cake.

  • Can shout and cheer on team mates loudly ... and does so. 

  •  A “Suffer but NEVER Surrender” attitude. 

Can you tick ‘yes’ to the above? Are you focused on being the best you can be ... and like making new friends? Well then, you sound perfect for Team Bear! Welcome aboard!


Team Bear Doing What We Love