suffer but NEVER surrender

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How To Become Part of Team Bear

Would you like to join Team Bear? Our brand ambassadors are present at many races from Marathon Des Sables to your local parkrun to the London Marathon and Norseman although you’ll probably be able to hear us cheering and having a good time before you see us! Chat to us at an event, on Twitter or on our Facebook page and you’ll be sure of a warm welcome. 


If you join our team, you’ll get the benefits of a friendly and enthusiastic group, discounted rates from selected professional sporting services, Team Bear branded kit available from the website and a group of people as enthusiastic about their sports as you!

Would you like to join Team Bear? Can you pledge allegiance to the team and Ethos? And to the pursuit of cake and edible baked goodies at all times?


We’d expect you to follow the same guidelines as the rest of the team, namely lots of enthusiastic supporting, using your bloodymindedness to go for your goals and the willingness to discuss your aims and goals.


To join up, enter your email address here and you’ll get a bi-monthly newsletter and access to Team Bear kit. Don’t worry – we won’t give your email address away to anyone. 


Team Bear exists to bring together likeminded athletes, who promote our values of work hard, play hard and train like you mean it while living through the mantra of "Suffer but NEVER Surrender".


We are aiming to create a group where effort is recognised and appreciated whatever the outcome of the race.


We support each other as hard as we race. We will be vocal in our support and our actions will back up our objectives.


Wearing Team Bear kit means that we are willing to recognise effort not race placing and that pushing as hard as you can is an achievement that won't be undermined.


Our support for one another is not limited to our chosen sports but is through all aspects of life and training.


At Team Bear we are not limited by geograpghy or sports, our members are worldwide and from a variety of sporting disciplines.