suffer but NEVER surrender

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Here at Team Bear, we have a small but committed team of core athletes, who embody our ethos and act as ambassadors within their chosen disciplines. We have an eclectic mix of core athletes from different backgrounds, united by their belief that whilst it's great to suffer, we NEVER surrender.

Our athletes show what it means to be Team Bear- they're single-minded in their drive to achieve their goals. They know that sweat is the most valuable currency when it comes to endurance sport. They read the description of an event that most people would dismiss as crazy, and say 'Great! Where do I sign up?'. And more than anything else, they enjoy supporting newcomers to their sports just as much as they enjoy racing themselves.

They are as YOU are Team Bear. Suffer but NEVER surrender.


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I’m Sarah, 34 year old runner from Rugby in Warwickshire.

I'm not the fastest runner by any stretch of the imagination but I have a very broad streak of bloodymindedness which helps me achieve my running goals. And a dodgy sense of humour which helps when I find myself in some of the more unusual running situations.

I've been running for only 4 years but it feels like I've been running all my life and it's one of the things I use to define myself. Going outside in lycra? I'm a runner. Carrying toilet paper on long runs? I'm a runner. Peeing behind trees? I'm a runner. I run because I can. 7 years ago I was 5 stone overweight and a heavy smoker and thought salad on my doner kebab counted as sensible eating. Now? I run 35 miles a week and think that lycra is an acceptable clothes choice in public.

I run any distance upwards of 5k and prefer ultras as the amount of snacks I can eat are in direct correlation to the number of miles I'm running. May also be slightly addicted to creme eggs.

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I'm Sarah, official Team Bear brownie supplier and baby triathlete and ultramarathoner of the team. After trying my hand at being a pure runner with some results I'm quite proud of, the support of the Team Bear co-founders has given me the confidence to make the leap to triathlon, and because life is all about getting out of your comfort zone, I've chucked a couple of ultramarathons in there too.


To me, Team Bear represents the chance to push myself far past what I ever thought I was capable of, knowing that I have brilliant support behind me and a team of inspiring fellow athletes to look up to. When I'm not proudly donning my Team Bear colours, I can be found finishing off my training to become a doctor, which takes a similar reserve for endurance and resourceful attitude to snacking, and writing my blog.