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Any team is only as good as its members, and here at Team Bear HQ, we're proud to have the best bunch out there. We welcome any athletes who share our ethos of suffering but NEVER surrendering, who like to work hard and play even harder, and support each other to be the best we possibly can.


It's not about going fastest or winning prizes- it's about looking yourself in the eye in the mirror at the end of a race, and knowing that you couldn't have given it more; that you've left it all out there on the road, track or in the water. We're proud of all our members and their achievements, and are excited to have you all on board and support you with whatever your goals may be. Whether it's finishing your first parkrun or completing extreme triathlons such as the Norseman, we've got core athletes and members to help and support you every step of the way.

 YOU are Team Bear. Suffer but NEVER surrender.


James P

To continue to live by the Team Bear ethos finding endurance events that bring me close to breaking point! Testing mind and body to the max and making you proud! 

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Vikki R

Running is my first love... although I only took it up in my mid-twenties. I'm not speedy (yet) but determined, overly enthusiastic and ambitious which has lead to me taking on silly numbers of races and ever increasing distances much to my mother's dismay. I completed my first ultra-marathon in 2014 with more in the diary and rather enjoy being persuaded to sign up for all sorts of other mental events.

I'd like to be a cyclist... I mean I own a bike and all, but it doesn't come naturally to me. Neither does swimming really but that hasn't stopped me from having three sprint distance triathlons under my belt already (two of those were in one weekend). Only being able to do breaststroke and owning a second-hand hybrid is no excuse! But I want to change, to improve and surprise myself, which is why I wanted to be part of Team Bear. I know that surrounding myself with inspiring, supportive people will help me to keep pushing my limits, learning new skills, and finding the strength not to quit when I really want to.

When I'm not scheming up my next challenge I'm baking more cake than I should really be eating and lusting over kit... I'm a sucker for a snazzy bit of lycra! I resigned my office job to start my own PT business which I'm extremely excited about as I hope to be able to pass on my enthusiasm and support others to reach beyond the limits they thought they had.

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I started running in 2013 with my first 5k muddy obstacle course. After a couple of months running, I found I was a slow and steady
tortoise. I couldn't go faster but could go longer so signed up for a half marathon. Having done a few of those and needing a different challenge, I've become interested in triathlons since buying a road bike in July (and accidentally doing and enjoying brick sessions). When I was young, my mum told me I'd be good at triathlon but I never tried to find out. That always stuck with me though. Now to find a pool....I really hate chlorine and swimsuits.


I'm amazing at organising my training but rubbish at sticking to the plan. I'm great at suffering for cake and other junk food though! My plan for the rest of the year is to laugh hysterically as I drag my untrained self around Equinox24 solo, take part in the Perth Cycletta 100km (OMG hillls!), then focus on strength training and start swimming so I can do my first triathlon in the new year.  I'm a huge fan of ridiculous challenges and would love to do an Ironman distance tri before I'm 40. Thanks for that inspiration, Twitter! Where there's a will
there's a way!

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Natalie L


To say I started my triathlon career at the deep end is an understatement. Coming from a National swimming background and trying a few
biathlons along the way, I was scouted by the World Class Coach for GB at Loughborough to try out triathlon.

Having never ridden much and borrowing an old school TT bike I landed myself amongst some young talent and placed onto the World Class Start Programme.

My first ever triathlon was the European Youth Relay Team qualifier at Eton! Needless to say I cocked up the race royally due to nerves and severe inexperience.

Fortunately this did not deter me, I carried on plugging away and eventually developed a taste for the sport. I found myself moving slowly up the ranks in the youth and junior GB squad, training amongst the very best in the sport at Loughborough University for four years. My best results coming from my Junior racing at European and World levels.

Illness and injury as well as cuts in funding from Sport England saw me face a few tough years at Loughborough, forced with the decision to do it alone without funding, the squad and the support from coaches and the EIS (English Institute of Sport).

From there I moved back home and re-started as a long distance triathlete where funding is non-existent anyway! I set up my BTF affiliated triathlon club: Transition Tri, where I have gained some wonderful athletes from all abilities and sports, and also have the privilege to coach some of them. The club grows in strength each year which I am very proud about and have since added a Tri-store to the club to enable athletes from all over to benefit from some top quality and competitively priced products.

I am proud to support Team Bear with the Tristore by offering exclusive team discounts on selected products - I value the importance of team support and also the financial aspects of such a widely popular sport. It is also nice to see a non-competitive and non-elitist approach to the team, something that I pride myself on with Transition Tri.

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Michelle D


As a 14 year old I was representing Birchfield Harriers in the 100m and 200m sprint events, competing at many athletics stadiums ncluding Crystal Palace! The Olympics had been mentioned and I was living the dream. 

Sadly, a knee injury abruptly ended any career I may have had.  I was just 15. 


After surgery in 2000 I decided to try and get back to running in some capacity. I completed the Race For Life 5k race for Cancer Research in 2002 and things progressed slowly from there. 


I stuck to 5k events for many years but following my niece being diagnosed with a brain tumour in 2004 I decided to raise money for
Birmingham Children's Hospital (where she had received amazing, life saving treatment) by taking part in the 2009 Birmingham half marathon. 


Since then I have completed numerous 5k and 10k events, a second half marathon and the Equinox 24 challenge as part of a team. 


My next challenge is London Marathon in 2015...determination and sheer stubbornness will get me across the finish line. 


I'm not a great athlete, I'm in no rush to take on a tri but I never say never so watch this space! 

Oh, I'd better introduce myself! I'm Michelle (Mich or Michy to my friends), 36 years old working as a teaching assistant in a primary school, mum to 2 beautiful, nutty children (Ellie who's 13 and George who's 10). I raise money for Poppy Fields Charity In my spare time I enjoy yoga, singing and generally being silly! 


Looking forward to being both blown away and inspired by the Team Bear 

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I'm Catherine, AKA Mad Cat Woman of Stainland!


It was my wonderful, late, Dad who got me into running. He challenged me to run the Great North Run in 1994 when I was a student in Newcastle. He died in 2003 so I ran the GNR that year for him and raised money for cancer research. Since then there has been no stopping me. I love running with my club, Stainland Lions, and love races. I tend to do marathons rather than shorter ones. My endurance is better than my speed. I started cycling about 18 months ago and love that too. I did my first tri last autumn. I hadn't swum for years and wasn't very good then.

I'd never done open water swimming so I wasn't sure what to expect. I loved it, and now have the bug, and am doing the outlaw half next year so now I'm learning how to swim.


 I've met some great friends through theses sports. I love to compete and I love to cheer.  If I'm not working or exercising I'll be with my family or friends, or cats and probably eating cake. Oh and I love baking too.